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Requests for Proposals and Qualifications


Pike County Human Services is seeking Pennsylvania Contractors who are interested in
submitting bids for home repairs. Pike County Human Services will provide home repairs for
approved homeowners in Pike County through funds provided by Pike County’s Community

Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Such repairs include a variety of services that would address problems with, walls, roofs, floors,
windows, electrical, doors, and plumbing. Pike County Human Services is looking to bid the

projects to the lowest responsible contractor(s).

Contractors must have a Pennsylvania state and local business license, liability insurance of at

least $100,000.00, and hold a current Lead Renovator Certification.

Please be advised that payment for Housing Rehabilitation Projects with be administered in four
phases. Construction must begin within 10 days of signing the awarded Contract and the project

must be completed by October 31, 2023

Bids are due to Pike County Human Services on Friday, October 9, 2023 by 3:00 PM.
For any questions, please contact Kayla Orben at (570) 296-3434.

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