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Fair Housing

Pike County is committed to ensuring that all residents have fair housing opportunities. This page has many fair housing resources available for residents, landlords, real estate agents, and others. If you need assistance with fair housing or need a resource that is not available on this page, contact Robert Ruiz, Pike County's Fair Housing Officer, at (570) 296-3434.




Fair Housing Laws

Fair Housing Act

Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

  • Read the law

  • Understand the law

  • File a complaint

  • Protected groups

    • Race

    • Color

    • Religious creed

    • Ancestry

    • Age (40 and over)

    • Sex

    • National origin

    • Familial status (only in housing)

    • Handicap or disability and the use, handling, or training of support or guide animals for disability


Related federal laws and regulations


Renters' Rights (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Landlord-Tenant Handbook (North Penn Legal Services)​

Know Your Rights as a Renter in PA (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Landlords and Property Managers

Landlord Resource Center (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Fair Housing Guide for Landlords and Property Managers (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Know Your Responsibilities as a Landlord or Property Manager in PA (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Know Your Responsibilities: Landlord Basics (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Information about discriminatory advertising ​(Housing Equality Center of PA)

Fair Housing Poster (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Click here to download a presentation from a fair housing training for landlords that took place on May 31, 2022. The Q&A can be found here.


Guidance for homebuyers from HUD

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Fair housing chapter from Real Estate Brokerage Essentials (National Association of Realtors)

Fair Housing Guidelines (PA Association of Realtors)

Information about discriminatory advertising (Housing Equality Center of PA)​

Affordable Housing Developers

New construction accessibility requirements (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Addressing Community Opposition to Affordable Housing (Housing Alliance of PA)

Service Providers

Outreach materials in multiple languages (HUD)

Poster: Housing Discrimination is Illegal (Housing Equality Center of PA)​


Fair Housing Guide for Local Governments (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Information about zoning and land use (Housing Equality Center of PA)​

Nuisance ordinances (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Joint Statement of Land Use Laws (HUD and DOJ)​

Miscellaneous Resources

Fair housing training (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Fair housing overview (North Penn Legal Services)​

Fair Housing: Equal Opportunity for All (HUD)

Fair Housing Guide for Consumers (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Fair Housing Trends Reports (National Fair Housing Alliance)

PA Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

More resources from Housing Equality Center of PA

En Español

Guía Sobre Igualdad en la Vivienda para Consumidores (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Conozca sus Derechos ComoInquilino en Pensilvania (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Manual de Autoayuda para Inquilinos​ (North Penn Legal Services)​

People with Disabilities

Overview of the Fair Housing Act for people with disabilities (HUD)

Fair Housing Guide for People with Disabilities (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Fair Housing Guide to Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Information about reasonable accommodations (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Information about reasonable modifications (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Support Animal Users

Fair Housing Review: Service Animals (Housing Equality Center of PA)​


Information about national origin discrimination​ (Housing Equality Center of PA)

Families with Children

Information about discrimination against families with children (Housing Equality Center of PA)​​

LGBTQIA+ Community

Application of fair housing laws based on sexual orientation and gender identity (Housing Equality Center of PA)​

Executive Order 13988 (HUD Memo)

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