Landlord Incentive Program

Pike County can assist landlords with the cost of essential repairs in exchange for creating or maintaining affordable housing for five (5) years. In exchange for up to $25,000 of assistance with eligible repairs, landlords who participate in the program will agree to rent units to households with income below 80% of the area median and to charge rent at or below the fair market rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I own a rental property personally and also own a rental property under an LLC, can I submit two applications?


Can the $25K be spread over multiple properties?

The limit of $25,000 applies to each property. Landlords with multiple properties can request assistance for each property. Funds can only be used for expenses that are eligible under the program. This is determined through an inspection and cost estimate prepared by the County.

If I own two buildings located on the same site, does that count as one or two projects?

Each physical structure is considered to be its own project and will be assessed nad bid separately.

What happens if the renovations that are required by the program for my rental property cost more than $25,000?

Pike County has set the limit of $25,000 so that multiple landlords and rental properties can be assisted through this program. The property owner would need to commit their own funds to complete the repairs required under the program that exceed $25,000. For example, the County would not pay $25,000 to replace an obsolescent roof if the owner does not replace a heating system that does not work before the project is completed.


What kinds of expenses can be paid for by the program?

Generally speaking, repairs related to code violations, health and safety, and energy efficiency may be eligible. After landlords apply to the program, Pike County's housing inspector visits each rental unit to develop a list of eligible improvements along with a cost estimate. 

Can the money be used for replacing a roof and windows?

The county will prepare a list of eligible repairs after completing an inspection. Typically, these types of expenses would be eligible.

Can the money be used  to add another unit to my rental property?

No, this would be considered new construction and is not eligible under this program. 


Can funding be used for a rental property in Wayne County?

No. Properties must be located in Pike County.


Can funds be used to cover repairs that have already been completed?

No. The program requires that we follow state and federal program guidelines to assess the need for renovations and hire contractors before construction begins.

Is household income based on gross or net income?

Generally speaking, household income is based on gross income of all household members. Pike County uses the Part 5 method to determine household income, which can be a bit complicated. We are required to collect documentation of income and determine income eligibility for all people who benefit from this project. If you are not sure if a current tenant is considered low income under the program guidelines, give us a call and we will work with you to make a determination.


If I already have a tenant who is low income, do I need to rent to someone that is referred by the County?

No. We do not want to displace anyone through this program. 

Do you have certain contractors we have to use, or can we hire our own?

Pike County has a list of pre-approved contractors. Landlords will be able to select three to four contractors from the County's list. The County then requests a bid from each contractor that the landlord selected. We must select the lowest bid.

We are accepting applications from new contractors. If you would like to refer a contractor to the program, they can at this link


Is this a loan or a grant?

This is a forgivable loan secured through a lien. 20% of the loan is forgiven each year if all program conditions are met.


If you have a question about the program, please reach out to Stephanie Everson, Human Services Housing Coordinator at  (570) 832-0156 or by sending her an email.

This program is funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Community Development Block Grant.